Stadt Ditzingen



Commerce and Transportation

The major district town of Ditzingen, with its center and three adjacent communities of Hirschlanden, Heimerdingen and Schöckingen, offers a wide and diverse range of businesses. Its geographic location between the A81 express route running between Stuttgart and Heilbronn and the A8 to Karlsruhe, with juncture to the A81, gives businesses in Ditzingen advantages in terms of economic infrastructure and this is reflected in the presence of many different industries. 

Inclusion in Stuttgart’s urban rail system provides an attractive alternative for commuter traffic and is used by many in and around Ditzingen as a result of the proximity to Stuttgart, Ludwigsburg and Leonberg. In Ditzingen there are industrial enterprises of different sizes, primarily medium-sized businesses, but also large, internationally known companies, giving rise to business connections with countries around the world. In each of its separate parts of town, Ditzingen has commercial areas with easy access to major traffic routes.

The diversity of the businesses and industries characterizes and shapes the commercial identity of this town. For an economic area like Ditzingen, services play an essential role. A sufficient number of banks and credit institutions exist to serve the businesses in Ditzingen with modern banking buildings and facilities. Thanks to the increased standard of living, retail trade has developed positively in Ditzingen. 

The shopping opportunities range from clothing and electrical equipment, radio and television, books, office supplies, pharmaceuticals, drugstore items, eyewear and jewelry to individual office design and computer consulting. Even the skilled crafts and trades thrive in Ditzingen. Craftsmen of all types and in every field are available to the businesses and citizens of Ditzingen. And it is not to be forgotten that the restaurants, cafés, butchers, grocery stores, car dealerships, specialty shops, travel agencies and hotels round out Ditzingen’s wide-ranging diversity and attractiveness. 

If you have any questions about the local economy or wish to receive further information on another topic, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Schill at our official point of contact for business promotion in the city hall (telephone: 07156 164-186) or send us an email