Stadt Ditzingen


Brief Overview

Welcome to Ditzingen!

With a population of around 25,000, Ditzingen is the fifth largest town in the district of Ludwigsburg. Its boundaries encompass over 3,042 hectares. As a major regional center, Ditzingen stands for tradition and progress, urban flair and country charm. With the communities of Heimerdingen, Hirschlanden and Schöckingen, it is a pulsing, economically strong district seat in the western region surrounding Stuttgart that has not lost its rural appeal. The landscape, once shaped by agriculture, has now become an attractive location for commerce, trade, and medium-sized businesses. Out of a cluster of smaller villages, a town has emerged combining urban culture with the attractiveness of a place that has not become too large. 

Ditzingen’s advantageous location, its proximity to both natural areas and the capitol city of Stuttgart, along with the convenient access to urban railway and express routes, have made it a desirable residential area and an economically sound industrial region. A highly developed communal infrastructure exists not only for the working population, but also for children and seniors. The exemplary educational and childcare services for all age groups, programs and services tailored to meet the needs of the elderly, plus the diverse range of cultural events are characteristic for Ditzingen.

Ditzingen’s development into a preferred residential, work and business location in this region took place very dynamically. A lot has changed, while other things have remained the same. A leaflet with more information about the town can be accessed here .

Ditzingen:  More than just a town!