Stadt Ditzingen


Twin Cities

Gyula and Rillieux-la-Pape

Gyula in Hungary and Rillieux-la-Pape in France. 

The twinning agreement between Ditzingen and Gyula was signed in 1991. This twinning has developed in a short time by numerous contacts and mutual visits within all sectors of the population. Since 2010, the partnership with the French town of Rillieux-la-Pape exists, which has also resulted in many friendships as well as sporting and cultural encounters.

Through those partnerships we meet different people, different cultures, new ways of thinking or even unknown structures. Working together on projects, practicing sports together, learn from each other or just laugh and have fun together is the basic idea of these partnerships. Ms. Wenk in the city administration is the contact person for all citizens, associations, companies and other institutions who wish to have an exchange with Gyula in Hungary and / or Rillieux-la-Pape in France. Her mission is to assist the organization and communication of encounters, to organize a reception for foreign guests and to look after official delegations.

What ideas and project proposals do you have to fill the partnerships with even more life? Do you have a topic at heart that can be discussed together? Ms. Wenk is looking forward to your visit at her office, your e-mail or your call.


Melanie Wenk 
Amt für Kultur, Freizeit und Familie

Am Laien 4, 71254 Ditzingen
Phone: +49 7156 164-148, E-Mail wenk(@)