Stadt Ditzingen


Living & Life in Ditzingen

Living & Life

In Ditzingen it is possible to take advantage of numerous public and private services. Ditzingen identifies itself as an inhabitant-friendly town, whose citizens no longer need to run around between the various government agencies and offices, but rather as a place where the municipal administration has been organized so that very nearly everything can be accomplished at one location. Everything necessary for a modern infrastructure is present in this still quite young community. A lot is underway. New programs and services are being introduced and others are undergoing change. We are in a constant state of development. This is why we have decided to inform our citizens and visitors in multiple ways about all that is new and important concerning the many programs, services and events in our town 

Nearly 100 associations and clubs, as well as the churches, provide platforms for many kinds of community involvement and contribute to the liveliness of our community. In addition, the numerous cultural institutions, among them the public library with its wide range of media, the municipal museum, the gallery and concerts in the Town Hall, the local theater, along with the cabaret events, trade fairs and lecture series, all contribute to the culturally rich life of our town. Great attention is also given to recreation, athletics and amusement in Ditzingen. Our spacious facilities for sports and leisure activities, nature-oriented playgrounds near wooded areas, and the modernized municipal swimming pool with sauna and spa are very popular. Childcare facilities offer customized care with flexible opening times and educational programs for children starting from the age of 12 months.

Escaping the daily grind and finding relaxation in nature is quite simple. You can explore the natural scenery along the river Glems, which flows through the heart of Ditzingen, or enjoy the many blooming orchards in springtime.