Stadt Ditzingen


Business Development

An important town in the District of Ludwigsburg

The major district town of Ditzingen is one of the most important towns in the District of Ludwigsburg. This is not only due to its advantageous location on the edge of Stuttgart, but also to its highly productive businesses, which have also contributed to the constant increase in population. Over 24,000 people live in Ditzingen and require services, commerce and trade. The people who live here trust they will find employment and that their town will continue to develop. 

The strategy for promoting business development in Ditzingen focuses on the areas of market observation and the development, provision and brokering of properties for interested parties. These activities and those connected with their coordination within the municipal administration are performed by the head of the office for property management & promoting business development. As a result, the related administrative procedures are bundled and reduced.  

In addition to promoting business, the association Aktive Wirtschaft Ditzingen e.V. sees that the services offered far exceed those that are expected from a town of this size. Aktive Wirtschaft Ditzingen e.V. strengthens Ditzingen as a business location through services that are in line with the times and promotes communication between various stakeholders. 

Joint efforts and co-sponsored events, particular those in connection with urban marketing, boost the positive image of Ditzingen’s status as a business location and make sure that the inhabitants of Ditzingen perceive it as an attractive and productive place.   


Karl Schill 
Main Contact for Business Promotion 

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